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Friday, April 28, 2017

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Worker Safety Training

Family Continuity is listed on the DIA website as a safety training organization. EOHHS endorses Family Continuity’s training as meeting and exceeding the requirements for human service workers. 

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Jimmy's Story

I am writing a letter to thank you for your efforts to help my son access typical activities his brother has always been able to attend. Jimmy is autistic and has difficulty being in large groups especially those that may have lots sensory things happening. Over the years we have tried unsuccessfully to take him to a movie or other everyday events. Eventually my son was referred to one of your wrap around programs to assist us. The Wrap team told us about the various services they offer to families like their quarterly movie day. We politely turned them down letting them know that "we have been there done that" and it was a disaster. We explained to them the following example; One day Jimmy asked if we could take him to see a movie that had been advertised on television. He pleaded with us to go so we planned it on a day when there would not be many people at the theatre. As the movie started my husband and I thought this may work as we watched Jimmy with a huge smile on his face. Unfortunately within twenty minutes the sound got louder and then the sound was too loud he began to get upset and started to cry.

We could see that Jimmy was really trying his hardest to overcome the noise but it was just too difficult. To make matters worse a couple of people in the theatre started to shush Jimmy. Unfortunately we felt we needed to leave at that point. As a family with two sons it is difficult and heartbreaking for us to be able to bring one of our sons to a movie but have to leave Jimmy at home. That is until the Wrap Around program came into our lives. As you know the Wrap program provides activities for families like ours to be able to attend typical activities. They rent the theatre on a Saturday morning and invite all the wrap families. As anyone who has gone you will see there are many Jimmy's in the audience. Everyone understands why one of our kids might have a melt down and no one ever shushes a child. Staff is available to help a family if they need a break or take our child for a walk so that we can get some "me" time to enjoy the film.

Since we have been involved with the Wrap Program we have been able to take Jimmy and his brother too many movies, usually the day after it opens. They now are able to go to school and tell their peers that was a great movie. In addition to the movies we have been able to go on a fishing trip and too many other activities to mention. Our other son Peter does not mind going to any of the activities because he gets to spend time with siblings of children with disabilities.

In closing I just wanted to say thank you for helping our sons be able to access the community just like other typical families.


A Very Grateful Family


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