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Friday, April 28, 2017

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Worker Safety Training

Family Continuity is listed on the DIA website as a safety training organization. EOHHS endorses Family Continuity’s training as meeting and exceeding the requirements for human service workers. 

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Bonnie and Bryan's Story

Sometimes a little help at the right time can go a long way. This is especially true when a family has worked hard, and has made great progress, as this "Family Support Fund" request from Bonnie's Family Partner demonstrates...

Bonnie and Bryan's story

Bonnie is a divorced mother of four (and a great advocate for her kids), who recently lost her job for a few months. She receives $125/month for child support for all of her children, as well as food stamps. She shares a home with her brother and his wife and kids. When her son Bryan, aged 9 came to us he was shy, extremely anxious and would wet himself during the day and would not play with other kids his age. In the five months he's been with wraparound (the CBHI family partners and care coordination program), he has progressed significantly, rarely has "accidents", listens better and follows directions, helps out at home, interacts with his peers, uses words to express frustration and fear, and participates in his care planning meetings.

His neuropsychological evaluation made a point to recommend ongoing opportunities to work on socialization with peers. His elementary school had discussed including him in their summer program, but due to funding cuts, only two hours of individual tutoring was made available. So far this summer he has spent his time at home with his siblings and his mother. As a way of transitioning back to the social demands of school, Bonnie has applied for Bryan to attend a two week summer camp at Sunset Pond, sponsored by the local Rec. Commission. In June Bonnie applied for a scholarship, but was told that all of the funding had been awarded, and that cuts would not support further funding.

She requested $220 from the Family Support Fund, through her family partner. Her request was granted, and on August 15th, Bryan started camp.

We don't know how he will do, but what we do know is that the Fund made it possible to help Bryan learn to socialize with kids his own age, to prepare for a successful school year, and for a young mother to know that her effort turned into something special for her family.  Parents like Bonnie are your neighbors, your co-workers, and even members of your own family. Although circumstances can cause them to struggle alone, with help, they achieve tremendous things.

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