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Friday, April 28, 2017

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Worker Safety Training

Family Continuity is listed on the DIA website as a safety training organization. EOHHS endorses Family Continuity’s training as meeting and exceeding the requirements for human service workers. 

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Maria's Story...

When you are in the middle of a difficult situation, it is difficult to see any end in sight, but with support, we know that things can turn around for every family... Here's a letter from Maria, who talks about the difference learning how to talk to each other can make....

My family and I first became involved with Family Continuity a few years back. I must admit my children weren't too thrilled with the first few visits to the home for counseling - It was like pulling teeth without Novocain. The kids just weren't having it. Then our counselor, Norma brought a game with her and they really enjoyed it. She found a way to get them talking and playing at the same time. I must say it changed everything. We learned different techniques on how to talk to one another. My days became easier and less stressed. There even was a point when we didn't have a meeting, but the kids wanted to know when the next time was.

Before I knew it, there was stability in the house, less shouting and more communication. Let me tell you I can write a whole book on how much she helped me. I'm a single mother and there were days I could just cry, not knowing what to do, or how to handle the kids or myself. Sometimes I felt hopeless, like there would be no better days - it seemed like everything was so out of control. There was nothing for the kids to do so they were as frustrated as me. I don't want to take up too much of your time reading this because like I said, I could write a book.

Long story short, Family Continuity was the best thing that happened to my family. At first they were only strangers and now they are just like family. I am thankful and grateful and blessed to have had them. I've shared my blessing with other parents who are friends of mine who are where I was. For those who just don't know how much of an impact they made, I let them know with a smile on my face. The parenting groups are so fun and helpful. Like I said, I could write a book. But in a nutshell, I love Family Continuity - the perfect name because they are family.

This from Norma, the family's worker from Family Continuity's Lawrence Flexible Support program.

"I worked with this family about one year. Six months after we started working together, the mother was laid-off from her job and she thought her entire world would "fall apart". She could have given up, instead she worked hard to be consistent in implementing what she learned and six months later the family had made amazing progress, they were stable, happy, and we were able to discharge them since they no longer needed our services. Today, the mother is an advocate for her 2 children in the school system and in the community. It was truly a pleasure to work with this family."

Our mission is "Supporting Family Success in Every Community". If you would like to learn more about Family Continuity, its programs like Lawrence Flex, or dedicated staff like Norma, click onto our website at, or call us at 866-219-3320.


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